Spiritual Counselor

Psychic and Spiritual Life Coach

Ms. Luna’s psychic gifts are part of her intergenerational legacy. Members of her family, including her maternal grandfather and great, great aunt, were also blessed with "second sight." As early as four years in age, Rose psychic awareness was noted by her grandmother. Her grandmother took great care to safeguard Rose from public scrutiny during a period when her special abilities were not well understood and accepted. As Rose matured, she began to more actively assist others.

Receive spiritual guidance and advice from a gifted psychic. From her youth, Rose has employed her psychic abilities in the service of others. Experienced as a professional spiritual healer, Rose will provide you counsel in all areas of life. Her accuracy is uncanny. Clients are soothed by her kind, caring nature and reassured and empowered by her wisdom and insight. Rose offers her gifts in unison to provide her clients a multi-dimensional vision of their needs and potential:

Benefits of a Reading by Rose Luna

You will gain a deeper understanding of your unique assets, potential and life mission. This invaluable information will become an essential source of personal empowerment. You will be guided on how you can harness your inner strength to meet your daily challenges - to overcome the obstacles posed to you as you progress through the lessons of your life. Your life skills will be enhanced as you develop confidence during times of adversity to process experiences that seem irrational via your newly acquired clarity. Your growth in self-reliance will free you to honor your heart, and nurture your spirit as you meet the tests of your life’s journey. With Rose Luna at your side, you will face the circumstances of your existence with peace and acceptance.

Ms. Luna’s gentle nature will lighten your world and enable you to share in joy and laughter that is generated your interaction with her. Your questions will be answered honestly and with complete candor. You can depend upon Ms. Luna to respect you wherever you are on your life’s path. Her genuine and compassionate nature creates a welcoming space for you to enter. When you are ready, come meet Rose Luna and refresh your soul forever.