The Origin of the Blessed Beads

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One Saturday afternoon, a client who came just after visiting her gravely ill father visited me. Her father wanted her to pray with him, but she did not know how. I was surprised and immediately told her to pray the “Our Father.” From the look on her face, I knew she really did not know how to pray. I offered to write a small prayer for her and asked her to stop by the next day to receive it. That night, while I was saying my prayers, I asked my Spirit Guides to help me compose her prayer. The next morning, to my surprise, I began to automatically write many prayers. I then remembered a diagram of a necklace I was shown in my dreams from the previous night. Obviously, there was a plan for me to share this with others.

Later that day, another friend stopped by. I told her of my experience with channeling the prayers and the image of the necklace I saw. She said, “This is great, but how are you going to make the necklace?” I did not know! She responded, “Come to my house, I have something to show you.” Her mother had died and left her cases of various beads in the the garage.

At this point, I realized the Mother of the Universe came to me to fulfill the need for prayer by all of us. A few months later, a dear friend called to get together for lunch. I said, “I have something to show you.” On Sunday, two weeks later, we met together in my office. I showed her my blessed beads and told her what I had dreamed. She asked to help me put them on the internet, but first I needed to provide her with the material for the front page of the site. I replied that I would work on one and get in touch with her when it was complete.

The following Thursday, after a full day of work, I was sitting in front of my computer looking at the picture of the day that the humble telescope has taken. As I was sipping my wine, I wished I could be like Casper the ghost so that I could travel through the universe, as I depicted in that photograph. I realized I needed to go to bed. That night, I woke up at 2:00 a.m.. I got up and went back to the computer and noticed that a picture of the Earth appeared on my computer screen. I sat down for a moment to view it further. As I was staring at the stars surrounding the planet Earth, I found myself turning into a light mist and it seemed like I entered outer space.

I began to feel panicky and I looked for Earth. I realized that it was right behind me. I turned around to face Earth until I was right in front of the North American continent. I focused on Baja California and pointed to Puerto Nuevo where I hope to retire when suddenly soldiers appeared in front of me. I could see through them. I took some steps backwards and let them know that I was sorry for being there. They moved over to the side, and I saw the Virgin Mary praying over Earth for us. She looked so tired. Her hair was gray, tears were streaming down her face, and there were angels surrounding Earth. She needed them to pray for us. That is when I realized that I needed to remember this vision. I forced myself to come back from outer space to try to draw what I saw.

A year passed before I could make the beaded necklaces available for the internet. I felt ready to receive guidance from the Virgin Mary on how to sell them on the web. I prayed and during my prayer, I asked for a sign that I would clearly understand so I would know how to precede. Later that day, I clearly heard a voice that stated I would learn how to precede via a teacher within a dream. The next morning, I realized I did not awake from a dream. Later on, I began to phone my sister when I saw that I had a voice message. A friend had called me and stated that he had something very important to share with me. When I called him back, he mentioned that he had a dream about me. He insisted on stopping by my office to tell me about his dream in person. He came by later that day at which point I realized that his dream was a response to my prayers. He dreamed that he saw my soul fighting evil using a huge sword and that thousands of people were watching to see who would emerge in victory. He was puzzled about how I could do this as I was not wearing my glasses during the battle. He said I resembled a bee buzzing around at high speed fending off black evil. I began to laugh. I shared with him that he had received the message for which I had prayed to be given to me. I realized he had been designated the teacher for whom I would get permission to sell the Blessed Beads on the web.

How to Pray with the Blessed Beads

These beads and the accompanying prayer themes have been created to guide you in your quest to achieve peace and protection as you make your way through life.


Mother of the Universe, protector of the World, Mother of the Messenger, Blessed Virgin Mary, you are sending us a powerful message to unite as one nation and pray. We are listening but we need your help, Dear Lady. Direct us to follow the right road. We ask that you protect us during our challenges. Be by our side and guide us to follow and walk on the right side of your teachings. We ask that you bless these beads and help us follow your prayers with good intentions.


These blessed beads will inspire you to ask the Universe of guidance, restore and replenish your faith.

How to read your beads:

1. Center yourself by sending thoughts of love to the universe (holding the bead that represents Love)

2. State the first thing that is significant for you today and pray about it. Take a deep breath and slowly let it out.

3. State the first request to the Universe. (For example: I ask God to help those who are sick, to get well.) Follow the request with a deep breath and slowly let it out. Make your next prayer.

4. Go on to the next prayer theme and offer a prayer. Follow this sequence until you have completed all your prayer request/themes. Close by asking God to grant you your prayer request, according to His will.

Prayer of Protection:

I ask that the White Light spread throughout my body from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I ask that I fully accept responsibility for what I must accomplish. I ask that I manage all the problems sent my way. I ask that my fears dissipate, that I am released from them, that ultimately, I fear nothing.

Holy Mother of the Universe guide us

Holy Mother of the Universe do not abandon us

Holy Mother of the Universe protect us

Prayer for Love:

We ask the Universe for help in loving unconditionally, to see beauty, to believe and to be a true friend. We ask for the willingness to follow where life takes us, to bless the loving human spirit and soul. We ask to feel joyful as we are on the path to travel at one’s side, to help in reducing the difficulty of life’s lessons and help rediscover a sense of happiness from within. We ask for help in accepting that life is too short for resentment and unhappiness. We ask for wisdom to share with future generations on what the Universe has to offer. We ask that we are released from fears, that we be granted good, health, joy, and above all, Love.

Prayer for Work:

We ask for the strength to perform everyday labor with love and patience.

Prayer for Conflict and Struggles:

We ask the Universe for the ability to work together, to heal open wounds, disappointment, and anger and that these be replaced with love and understanding. We give to the Universe our request for relief from loneliness. We feel and gratefully pledge to accept help. We pray that we may have hoped as we wait for a soul that gives the gift of happiness and joy to us.

Prayer for Money:

We ask for assistance from the Universe to unload one’s heavy burden of daily money worries and struggles.

Prayer for Health:

We thank you Lord for the love and compassion you have in your heart for us, dear God. Please heal our physical and spiritual wounds so that we can pass through life with hope and faith. We ask the Universe to lead us to medicine as it is needed.

Prayer for Death:

In darkness, we light a candle so we can see the light and be free from fears of what is to come. We ask God to relieve our fears of death, to help us in leaving this life and the world we love. We ask that the Universe help us by coming and meeting us on the road we take to return home where we know there will be eternal life. Amen.