For over 20 years, Rose has been receiving testimonials from her clients who consistently praise her professionalism, ethics, and accuracy.

I feel blessed to know Rose. She has been given a special gift and she shares it in a kind and loving way. Her readings are done with a deep understanding of the message that will be valuable to all who seek her insight and advice. She has brought peace to me over several years. Her predictions are amazingly accurate.

– KJ

Rose you told me 10yrs or so ago....My son Will ..would have children. ...we were told NEVER Ever. we went on with our lives. said maybe 2 ! Wow you were so right on... it took time but is a picture proof of life.My son William. ...Maddison....aka Maddie boo boo. ...And Justin Daniel Ortega. Yvonne is resting lol.Thank you Rose! All in God's time.

– Es

I came to Rose at a time when my life was changing direction and I was beginning to understand my true purpose. During this time of great internal change, Rose helped me to see what beliefs and life experiences were holding me back from becoming my true self, and also helped to relieve the anxiety/depression that is generated from letting go of old aspects of one’s self to allow the new to come in. She has been kind, accurate and sensitive to what I was able to handle. As I become stronger, she gauged what I was able to hear. She has been a blessing to me and an integral part in my personal spiritual journey.

– Kim

When I feel eclipsed by the darkness, I call you.When life seems inexplicable, I call you. When my heart aches, I call you. Upon hearing your kind hello and experiencing the comfort of your gentle humor, I know that my perspective will be restored; my spirit will be lifted through the illumination of your insight. You are a blessing in my earthly journey.

– Johanna

Rose is very knowledgeable and very accurate with her predictions. She predicted that my move to the mountains would not be beneficial, and I proceeded to move there anyway. I now wish I had heeded her advice to reconsider it. For 10 years I have enjoyed knowing Rose. She is a very human, caring person.

– Ileana

I am engaged in fighting a disastrous court case. Rose has been instrumental in helping me ferret out possible barriers to resolving it in my favor. Since 2004, Ms. Luna has taught me to rely on my own instincts, even though I am under duress. She helps me be objective about my vision of my circumstances. In particular, she gives me the discernment to make the best choices to influence a positive outcome. With her aid, I believe I have the power to overcome obstacles in my path.

– Cathy

This note is a note of full appreciation for the lights you bring to my life. I am so comforted knowing your calm, insightful counsel is just a telephone call away.

Love, J. - Bolivia Park, CA

It took a while for me to find Rose. It was difficult for me to find a person who has my best interests at heart and is able to communicate directly with me. I particularly wished to be comfortable with a person who offers me guidance. I appreciate that Rose tells you ‘how it is’ in a nice way. She is frank and honest, but refrains from telling me what to do. I was once dating someone and Rose described both the good and bad aspects of being in a relationship with him, including the fact that I was going to leave him. I was free to make my own choice about him. I didn’t take her advice and I know today that I would have had less heartbreak if I had, however we make our own choices and life is not cast in stone. I am interested in growing as a person and growth in my spiritual well being. I turn to Rose for guidance in the right direction. She has become a trusted friend.

– Debra

Rose is the one luxury I allow myself. After I have talked with her, I feel calm and clear about what I’m going to do. My stress is turned to peace. She is worth twice what she asks for.

– Donna D.

Thanks for all you do! If I am ever blessed with the lottery, so will you!! Have a blessed day! D.V. Thanks you for opening my mind, opening my eyes, opening my ears and opening my heart. With Love, R Ontario CA

With Love, R. - Ontario, CA

I wanted to thank you for among other things giving us “meaty” stuff to think and talk about. I always feel as if I have grown one more flower bud on my stem after talking with you.

Always, Orange County, CA